2024 Chinese Government Scholarship High-Level Postgraduate Program of Hefei University of Technology

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Chinese Government Scholarship is a scholarship set up by the Chinese government to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their studies and research at Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase mutual understanding and friendshipto develop the communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the fields of education, technology, culture and economy.

The “High-Level Postgraduate Program” is a full scholarship program funded by the Ministry of Education of China. It aims to select international students with excellent academic backgrounds, professional ability and development potential to study for master's and doctoral degrees in China.

Hefei University of Technology is a national key university administrated directly by the Ministry of Education of China. It was founded in 1945, and listed as one of the universities of Project 211 in 2005 and Program 985 Innovation Platform in 2009 which are major national initiatives seeking to enhance the international competitiveness of the top-tier universities. In 2017, Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) was included in the list of “Double First Class” plan, the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines. Nine disciplines of the university have entered the top 1% of the global ESI ranking, and its engineering science disciplines have entered the top 1 of the global ESI ranking.


I Admission Categories and Majors

Master's and doctoral students

List of Majors (Refer to Appendix 1)


II Eligibility

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, and physically and mentally healthy.

2. Academic background and age limit:  

(1) Applicants for master's degree must have bachelor’s degree before September 1, 2024, have good academic record and should not be older than 35.

(2) Applicants for doctoral degree must have master’s degree before September 1, 2024, have good academic record and should not be older than 40.

3. Language requirements:  

(1) Applicants for Chinese-taught Programs must have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 4;

(2) Applicants for English-taught Programs must have the English proficiency of IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 85/TOEFL Essentials 9/Duolingo 100.

Reminder: Students who have been granted other Chinese scholarships or funding are not eligible for this scholarship.  If a student was found to have the Chinese Government Scholarship and another Chinese scholarship (one-time reward excluded) at the same time, his/her Chinese Government Scholarship would be canceled immediately, and he/she would be required to return the scholarship that he/she had received before. Those who deliberately concealed the truth would not be permitted to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship again within 3 years.


III Scholarship Duration and Content

1. Duration: 3 years for master students, and 4 years for doctoral students.

2. Scholarship covers:

(1) tuition fee;

(2) Living allowance;

(3) Lodging;

(4) Health insurance in China. 


IV Regulations and Requirements for Annual Review

Scholarship students should study full-time at Hefei University of Technology and obey the university’s rules and regulations. The study, research, and thesis writing should be finished at the university. No distance education is permitted. Transferring school is not allowed either. Principally, students are not allowed to leave school, including visiting parents, looking up learning materials, or doing an internship during the school year except in holidays. If there is an emergency, students can leave school with the permission notice of their supervisors and departments along with the approval of the International Education College. If a student violates the related regulations or leaves the university during the school year without any permission, his or her scholarship shall be suspended or even canceled.

According to the regulations of the Chinese Scholarship Council, all scholarship students should take part in the annual review of the scholarship qualification. The time for the annual review is from March to May every year. After the review, those who are qualified can keep their scholarships, while the scholarships of those who fail the assessment will be suspended or canceled.


V Application Procedure

1. Register and apply at the online service system of Hefei University of Technology http://admission.hfut.edu.cn between November 1, 2023 and February 25, 2024. For the program type, please choose “CSC Scholarship”.

The following documents will need to be uploaded.

(1) Copy of passport home page. If the validity of the applicant’s current passport does not meet the requirement (meaning that the passport expires before September 2024), please renew it before submitting the application.

(2) Notarized highest diploma. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized English translations. 

(3) Academic transcripts. Applicants for the doctoral programs are required to upload the transcripts of both the bachelor's and master's programs. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized English translations.  

(4) Recommendation letters. Two letters of recommendation (written only in Chinese or English) from professors or associate professors shall be submitted. These letters shall describe the applicant’s learning objectives in China, comprehensive abilities, and evaluation of future growth, as well as the cooperation between the supervisors or the exchange between universities both in China and abroad.

(5) Language qualification certificates. Applicants for Chinese-taught programs must submit a valid HSK 4 certificate. Applicants for English-taught programs shall provide an IELTS, TOFEL or Duolingo test report. For those who have received a degree in Chinese-taught program from a Chinese university, HSK is not required, but a certificate of instructional language issued by the original university must be provided.

(6) Supervisor’s acceptance letter. (Refer to Appendix 2) Supervisor’s acceptance letter is not mandatory, but applicants with acceptance letter will be given priority.

(7) Study plan. The study plan (1000 words or more) can only be written in Chinese or English. It should state your understanding of the applied major, the reasons for choosing to study this major in HFUT, your early academic research achievements and your development plan in the professional field. Applicants for doctoral programs also need to attach the abstract of their master’s dissertation. The study plan of a doctoral student shall be signed by the applicant’s Chinese supervisor.

(8) Photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. (Refer to Appendix 3) The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please select the appropriate time to take a physical examination as the result is valid for only 6 months.

(9) Non-criminal record report. The applicant shall submit a valid certificate of Non-Criminal Record issued by the local public security authority, usually issued within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application.

Reminder: Uploaded supporting documents must be clear, authentic and valid. Applicants are recommended to use a professional device to scan the relevant documents. Applicants shall bear the consequences caused by unclear or unidentifiable uploaded materials.

2. After submitting the online application, you will receive our preliminary review feedback within 3 workdays. If you receive the notice for resubmission, please re-upload the documents as required before the application deadline.

3. The applicants who have passed the first review shall participate in language proficiency interview and academic ability interview/test respectively. The result will be sent via system message and email. Those who have passed all the assessments will receive the pre-admission letter issued by Hefei University of Technology.

4. Applicants who have received the pre-admission letter are required to register and apply on the CSC website http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ before March 15, 2024.  (For Agency No., please fill in “10359”, and for Program Type, please choose “B”). Before applying, please read Instructions for Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (CGSIS) (refer to Appendix 4) and Chinese Government Scholarship Application (refer to Appendix 5) carefully. In the process, you will need to upload the pre-admission letter of HFUT. (If you have already submitted the application on the CSC website before obtaining the pre-admission letter, please withdraw the application first, upload the letter, and then submit the application again). Those who fail to submit the application on the CSC website before March 15, 2024 would be assumed to give up the nomination of HFUT.


(1) The applicants are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the submitted information and documents. If any dishonesty or falsification was found, the application would be invalid.

(2) Please make sure that the documents uploaded to http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ are the same as what you submit at http://admission.hfut.edu.cn/, as the CSC will organize experts to review your qualification again, mainly based on the documents you submit, before making the final admission decision. (Not every student nominated by HFUT will be awarded the scholarship eventually.)


VI Admission and Registration

1. After receiving the CSC’s final decision, Hefei University of Technology will inform the applicants via email and system message, and post the admission documents to the new students.

2. The new academic year is expected to start at the beginning of September 2024. You will find the specific dates of registration on the admission notice.

3. When coming to HFUT to register, the new students shall bring the admission notice, JW201 form, physical examination report, original copy of highest diploma, etc. for the qualification review. (If the original copies are in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized English translations will need to be submitted.) The scholarship and admission of those who fail the review will be canceled.

ReminderHFUT has not entrusted any individual or intermediary agent to process Chinese Government Scholarship applications. Please DO NOT trust the paid services or false promises provided by any intermediaries.


VII Contact Us

Ms. Hannah

Tel: +86-551-62901697

Email: hanyy@hfut.edu.cn

Address: Room 211, International Education College, Hefei University of Technology, 193 Tunxi Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China 230009


Appendix 1 List of Majors.xlsx

Appendix 2 HFUT Professor Provisional Acceptance Letter.docx

Appendix 3 Foreigner Physical Examination Form.pdf

Appendix 4 Instructions for Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (CGSIS).pdf

Appendix 5 Chinese Government Scholarship Application.pdf