Plant disease | First report of Fusarium ussurianum causing leaf spot on Hemerocallis citrina in Sichuan Basin of China

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Using daylily(Hemerocallis citrina)leaveswhich showed symptomin Sichuan Basin inyear2021, Siyu Chen carried out the isolation and identification of pathogens causingleaf spot disease, under thesupervision of associateProfessor Shengxiong Huang.

Throughtwo years’ hardwork, a mature systemofisolation and identification for the pathogens causingleaf spot disease indaylilywas established. One mainfungipathogen causing leaf spotwas successfully isolated and identified asFusarium ussurianum. This is the first report ofF. ussurianum causing leaf spot inH.citrinaworldwide.As the first author, Siyu Chen's research results were published in the renowned plantpathology journal, Plant Disease.The link to this paper is as follows:

Daylily contains abundantnutrients, and its buds are popular vegetables onconsumers’ table. The main production areasof daylily are located in Sichuan, HunanandShanxiprovincein China. Leaf spot is one of the main diseasesindaylily. The infection rateinsome planted daylilieswould bemore than 90%. The yield loss isusually30% ~ 50%,and even 100% in severe cases.

The research results are conducive to the follow-upfutureresearches on other aspects of pathology in daylily, andmeaningful forpromoting healthy development of daylily industry.