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Information of Supervisors for International Students





Highest Education Qualification







Postgraduate Teaching &. Learning DepartmentSchool of Foreign Studies

Opening Position

£Master      RDoctor     RPost-doc




BA:Sept.1990-July.1994, Foreign Languages and Literature, Fuyang Normal University

MA:2000-2004, Foreign Languages and Literature, Anhui University

Visiting Scholar2005-2006, Language Centre, University of Birmingham, UK



  1. Present  Hefei University of Technology



Intercultural Communication

Second Language Acquisition

Cognitive Linguistics

Representative Research Output & Sponsored Research Projects

Major Papers:

[1]TANG JunThe Analects of Confucius and the Bible in the Comparative Dimension of Individualism and Collectivism. JianghuaiTribune, 2017.1

[2]TANG JunThe Adaptation Analysis of Structure Objects in Rong's Translation Version of Animal Farm. Journal of Anhui Normal University, 2017.1

[3]TANG JunOn the Enlightenment of Skopos theory for the translation of "Hui" culture . Jianghuai Tribune, 2011.2

[4]TANG JunFraternity and benevolence: Interpretation of "Love" from the Perspective of Oriental and Occidental Context of Culture. Academics, 2013.11

[5]TANG JunInterpretation of Conflict and Fusion in "Demi-Gods and Semi-devils" from the perspective of intercultural communication. Jianghuai Tribune, 2014.5

[6]TANG JunChinese-English Translation Strategies of Agricultural Papers Under the Guidance of Translation Skopos Theory. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2010.12

Major Research Projects:

1.Presided six provincial and ministerial projects

Academic English Writing and Communication, Anhui Provincial Large-scale Online Open Course MOOC Demonstration Project, 2018-2020, Funding: 50 thousand yuan (completed)

Postgraduate English Platform EPC Phase I Project, The Ministry of Education's 2017 for Key Universities to Improve facilities, Funding: 3.5 million yuan (completed)

Anhui Province Academic Degree Postgraduate Course Construction Pilot Project: Postgraduate English, Anhui Provincial Teaching Reform Pilot Zone Project, 2014-2016,Funding: 50 thousand yuan (completed)

A Comparative Study on the Values of Confucianism and Christianity from the Perspective of Reconciliation and Contradiction, AnhuiPhilosophy and Society Project , 2014-2016, Funding: 20 thousand yuan (completed)

Demand-Oriented Research on the Optimization of English Teaching System for Postgraduates of Non-English Majors, Anhui Province Higher Education Revitalization Plan Project, 2015-2019, Founding: 100 thousand yuan (completed)

Reflective Teaching: Research and Practice on Improving the Proficiency of Postgraduates’ English International Academic Communication, 2007jyxm1720, Provincial Teaching Research Project of Universities in Anhui Province, Funding:12 thousand yuan (completed)

2.Participated in one national-level project, three provincial andministerial-level projects

Research on the Influence of Internet Buzzwords on College Students' Ideology (12BKS083) , National Social Science Fund Project, the second participant (completed)

Linguistic Research on Legal Education and Publicity Under the New Situation of Comprehensively Ruling the Country by Law - Taking Anhui Media as an Example (AHSKZ2019D001) , Anhui Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, 2019-2022, Second Participant

Multi-dimensional Pragmatic Research on the Publicity and Education of the Rule of Law in the Context of All-media Communication (20YJA740048), Humanities and Social Sciences Research Planning Project of the Ministry of Education, 2020-2025, the first participant

Research on the Foreign Publicity, Translation and Publicity of Huizhou Yinglian Culture Under the Background of "Going Out" Strategy, Anhui Provincial Federation of Social Sciences Innovation and Development Project, (JS2019AHSL0218), 2019.11-2021, the first participant

3.Hosted  teaching and research projects

Research and Practice on the Reform of English Teaching for Non-English Major postgraduates---Strengthen Language Awareness and Cultivate AutonomousLearning Ability, Hefei University of Technology , YJG2008Y08, Funding: 50 thousand yuan (completed)

Reconciliation and Contradiction - A Comparative Study on the Values of Christianity and Confucianism---Taking the Bible and the Analects as Examples, Hefei University of Technology ,Hefei University of Technology , 2011-2012,Funding: 20 thousand yuan (completed)

Research on Graded Teaching Reform of Graduate English Courses, Hefei University of Technology, 2012-2014, Funding: 30 thousand (completed)

Research on Teaching Design of Graduate English Courses, Hefei University of Technology, 2014-2015, Funding: 10 thousand yuan (completed)

Quality Project for Teaching Material of Postgraduate Listening and Speaking Course, Hefei University of Technology, 2017-2018, Funding: 18 thousand yuan (completed)

Sub-projects for Key Universities to Build World-Class Universities &. Disciplines: Special Funds for Postgraduate International Academic Exchange English, 2018-2020, Funding: 100 Thousand (finished)

Tongze Excellent Gardener Prize for Teaching and Research Project(Second prize), Hefei University of Technology, 2016-2022, Funding: 300 thousand (under research)

The Newly Compiled Books of English Listening and Speaking Course for Postgraduates, Hefei University of Technology, 2019-2020, Funding: 50 thousand yuan (completed)

The Newly Compiled Teachers Books ofPostgraduate English Listening and Speaking Course, Hefei University of Technology, 2020-2021, Funding: 50 thousand (under research)

4.Presided four projects for enterprises, Funding: 64.7 thousand yuan

English language service for joint venture development, funding: 20,000 yuan, 2013, domestic enterprises (completed)

English language service for investment promotion, Funding: 20 thousand yuan, 2012,domestic enterprises (completed)

Bonaire's employees professional English training, funding: 16.2 thousand yuan, 2010,domestic enterprises (completed)

Translation for Hefei China Expo Cultural Industry Promotion Conference, funding: 8.5 thousand yuan, 2009, government project (completed)

5. Guided innovation and entrepreneurship projects for undergraduate students

Guide English majors to obtain and complete three national-level innovation and entrepreneurship  projects for college students (Xia Bing 2012, Zhou Tianfang 2013, Zhang Luan 2015), total funding: 60 thousand yuan (completed)




2005-2006Visiting Scholar, Language Centre, University of Birmingham, UK