HFUT Won Two Excellent China Patent Awards

Publisher:Release time:2022-07-29Number of views:11

        Hefei University of Technology was granted excellent awards for two patent utilities, according to the announcement of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) on the 23rd China Patent Award winners. Specifically, The two awards were given to the patents named of "A Digital Vortex Flowmeter with Strong Interference Resistance Based on Dual Sensors" invented by the team under Prof. Xu Kejun and “A Waste Incinerator with a Water Stripping Device” invented by the team under Prof. Xing Xianjun.

The China Patent Award, co-sponsored by China National Intellectual Property Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), focuses on strengthening intellectual property creation, protection, and application, boosting innovation activities, and encouraging and honoring patentees, inventors and designers who have made outstanding contributions to technology innovation and economic and social development, so as to speed up the building of China into a powerful country with intellectual properties.

Hefei University of Technology attaches great importance to patent transfer, commercialization and protection. Guided by the "HFUT Model", the university has yielded many patents and achieved remarkable results in patents transfer and commercialization. Since 2017, the university has been a consecutive winner of the excellence prize of the China Patent Award.