HFUT Starts Registration for Freshmen 2022 ( Hefei Campuses )

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 HFUT greets warmly newcomers from all over the country on its vibrant campuses at the new welcome season. From August 19, the 2022 freshmen began to check in at Hefei-based campuses of the university by pre-fixed batches and times. To ensure the registration work to be carried out smoothly, Yu Qijun, Party secretary of the university, President Zheng Lei, Vice President Wu Yucheng who is also a member of the HFUT Party Standing Committee, Deputy Party Secretary Chen Gang, Liu Xiaoping and Ji Yihong, both vice presidents and members of the Party standing committee, and Vice-president Ding Lijian headed inspection groups to Tunxilu Campus and Feicuihu Campus respectively. At the registration sites, the groups checked the work conditions, extended welcome to new students and their parents, and expressed thank-you to the staff providing service on spot.

In both the north gate squares of the two campuses, registering students wearing masks lined up at an interval of about one meter between each other. With the help of the guiding staff, they passed through the school gate and entered the special channel for them in an orderly manner. After the whole process of epidemic prevention measureschecking Ankang Code (health QR code), Travel Code and Back-to-School Code, washing hands, changing masks, sterilizing luggage and taking temperatures, the freshmen were further guided by volunteers to sign up at the registration booths of different schools and institutes, collect materials for their new life and study and then to settle down in their own dormitories.

At the registration sites in the main teaching building of Tunxilu Campus and the corridor of the Science and Education Building of Feicuihu Campus, the school leaders listened carefully to the reports of the relevant units on the registration-related services. They also asked in detail about the work relating to epidemic prevention and control, student loan, and military training supplies distribution. After seeing the university-featured, creative preparations for new students, the inspecting leaders spoke highly of the well-organized work and meticulous arrangement of different units. They also expressed their sincere thanks to the staff sticking to posts despite the sweltering heat and asked them to be prepared for the hot weather, and to rationally schedule work shifts. In addition, they instructed logistic department to overcome difficulties and work actively for the registration of the freshmen.

The leaders also inspected dormitories for freshmen, student communities with one-stop services, canteens, school hospitals, entrance security posts, and supermarkets. They inquired in detail about and gave instructions for the work relating to the management of student communities, board and lodging safety, physical examination for new comers, access control management, and the distribution of life and learning supplies for freshmen.

During the inspection tour, Yu Qijun and Zheng Lei chatted cordially with freshmen as a warm welcome. After exchanging greetings, they asked about how their journey was, their family conditions, and their future expectations. They urged them to strictly follow the local epidemic prevention measures, observe relevant requirements of the university for students, keep fit, and usher in a new university life happily and healthily. They also encouraged the new students to make a rational plan for their studies, acquire knowledge through hard work, and strive to be useful talent fully developed in morality, intelligence, physical conditions, aesthetics, and work ability for the new era.

Yu Qijun and Zheng Lei demanded that all relevant departments of the university be innovative in arranging the registration work for new students based on the previous good experience, continuously refine work plans based on the actual situation, optimize the registration process, and improve the service efficiency, so that new students can truly feel the warmth and the ability of the university in double first-class school-running, their first impression of the university will be enriched, and their pride and love for the university will be greatly inspired as well. The leaders also called for resolute implementation of regular epidemic prevention and control measures, so as to guarantee the safety and health of teachers, students, and staff, and lay a solid foundation for the steady and orderly education and teaching of the university in the new semester.

Under the leading group of the university for new student registration, the registration affairs office, nine university work groups and all people from different schools and institutes engaged in this year's registration work have provided A to Z service for the freshmen with warm enthusiasm and scrupulous care to ensure the registration of 2022 a smooth success. As of 5:00 pm on the 19th, a total of 2,447 fresh undergraduates matriculated in 2022 have completed their registration at the university's campuses in Hefei.

Leaders of the Party and Administration Office, Student Work Department and Security Department of the Party Committee, Undergraduate School, General Affairs Department, school hospitals, and the asset management Co., Ltd. joined in the inspection tours.